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Reduce costs and increase Bussiness efficiency with Byteway's industry leading virtualization

Your business can significantly reduce costs and increase the efficiency and responsiveness of your lT Operations by virtalizing your computing, storage and networking systems with Byteway Virtualization.

Virtualization Separates the physical hardware From the operating system, to deliver greater IT resource Utilization and flexibility.

Virtualization allows multiple virtual machines, with heterogeneous Operating systems to run in isolation, side-by – side on the same physical machine. Each virtual machine has its own set of virtual hardware (e.g, RAM, CPU, NIC, e t c . ) that an operating system and application are loaded on. The operating systems sees a consistent ,normalized set of hardware regardless of the actual physical hardware components.

Virtual machines are encapsulated in to files, making i l possible to rapidly save, copy and provision a Virtual machine Full systems( fully configured applications, operating systems , BlOS and virtual hardware) can be moved, within seconds, from one physical server to another for zero-down time maintenance and continuous workload consolidation.

As a VMware, Citrix and Microsoft partner, Byteway have the skills and experience to help your Organization implement virtualization ( or upgrade your existing virtual environment ) using the industry Leading solutions from a selection of the industry's best vendors

Benefits for your business
  • Get more from your infrastructure
  • Most servers in today's data centers operate well below capacity. Virtualization increases hardware Utilization and reduces physical hardware requirements. Each servers supports enough virtual Machines to increase its utilization from the typical15% to as much as 800%
  • Management
  • Virtualization decreases resource costs by simplifying and automating labor , and resource- intensive IT operations.
  • Development and Testing
  • Virtualization improves responsiveness to development . testing and business needs by instant Provisioning, accelerating application development and deployment life cycles .
  • Easier software installation
  • With software vendors tending more and more towards delivering their products pre- installed in Virtual machines (also known as virtual appliances ) , much of the traditional installation and Configuration work associated with software deployments is no longer required- saving both time and money.
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Virtualization reduces the cost of hardware for Disaster Recovery and improves application availability.
  • Save Money
  • Because you reduce the number of servers you need to run, you can reduce hardware costs, admin and energy bills and real locate resources from firefighting to more strategic administration tasks.

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