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In the past we had major management headaches from trying to keep different applications and operating systems upgraded. Byteway Solutions talked to us about how an IT management plan would help us spend more time growing our business and not being stuck administering it.
Justin D'Altera, Finiance, Bellarine Bayside Committee of Management.

We have found that instead of trying make some of our office staff IT experts, it has proved far more useful to let Byteway Solutions be our IT partner. Our staff can get on with what they do best – help advise our customers! Byteway Solutions now look after all our IT needs, its really helped our business.
Rohan Smith, Group Accountant, Timbertruss Geelong Pty Ltd.

In the past, the first time we would notice something wrong with our computer was when it stopped working. Every hour it was down was money we lost. Now that we're on the Byteway Solutions maintenance programme that downtime is a thing of the past. Byteway eliminate the problems before they have a chance to cause us any downtime.
Daryl Murrell, General Manager, Bay City Cabs.

We thought we were protected by regularly archiving just our data files. We were shocked when Byteway Solutions showed us the real cost of a serious IT disaster and how under prepared we were. They presented a series of options which ensured we could be protected cost effectively. There's enough to worry about in just running our business. Now if we do have a major IT disaster we can be up and running again with a minimum of disruption.
Warren Harding, Partner, Fortune Five Accounting.

We had antivirus software I thought that was enough but internet security is constantly changing challenge and I feel much better now that Byetway Solutions is our IT partner. They regularly update us on our data security and help us keep one step ahead of viruses, spam and hackers.
Anton Ballard, Manager, Forte Magazine.

I've saved thousands of dollars in IT costs with Byteway's SiteWatch service and it's freed up our resources so we can concentrate on the business. We know what our system is doing and who's been accessing it. Any problems with our system have been fixed fast and we don't have to worry about all the technical side.
Laura Lane, Executive Manager Event Services, Airshows Downunder.

Byteway has been providing support to businesses for more than 18 years. We have the experience that gives you the right answers.
We have the technology and training to keep your business running like a well oiled machine. Don't wait for problems to slow you down.
Don't get caught short when the inevitable happens. Byteways recovery services work to ensure you're back up and running, fast.
We can provide you pertinent, targeted advice and support to help you get your IT under control, and grow your business. With 18 years extensive experience and a wide knowledge of individual business needs, Byteway Solutions can take the IT headaches away, save you time and money and allow you to concentrate on what you know best: your business.

Byteway can provide a systems integration service, identifying your business needs at one office site or numerous remote locations and then preparing a comprehensive IT management plan. An extensive range of solutions to link your staff, clients and all aspects of your business operation will be explored, with the most time and service–efficient applications considered for your network.
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